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We know that selling anything takes work and the same holds true for a car.

We know you have choices when it comes to selling your used car. You can post an ad online, or you can sell it privately. But, for a quick, convenient and easy sale of your car, Get Cash 4 Cars has been around for over 10 years with a proven process that creates repeat customers.

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What To Know When Selling Your Car For Cash

Get Cash 4 Cars has been working in the used car industry for nearly 20 years. We’ve seen every scenario under the sun, and know what it takes to create a fair deal that’s good for our customers as well as ourselves in the auto market.

Used cars are all about knowing your cars worth, and we encourage our customers to do their research beforehand so you can maximize your car’s value – sometimes you can do a few things on your end to make it easier for us!

Here’s the top 7 things you should look for when looking to sell your car for a cash offer:

We Buy Cars With These Problems:

Car Totaled? Here's What To Do Next

Your car is past its prime. There could be mechanical issues, dents and dings, or it might not be safe to drive your damaged vehicle anymore. Or, you might just be fed up with it and want a different car – what can you do?

Obviously, the answer is to sell it. But do you know how to sell a non-running car fast? That’s where we come in! We’ll take your vehicle off your hands for a fair cash offer.

Benefits of Working With Us

We strive to go above and beyond your expectations of the car selling experience. There’s a lot of reasons that make us one of the most established car buying companies in Jamul.

We always buy used cars at the best prices
Safe and secure instant payment
No Inspection
Our quotes are free
and fair
No Hidden Fees
No obligation to sell your car

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We are Jamul’s prominant car buying company and make it quick and easy. We’re not picky. A dent here, a little sputter there won’t stop us from buying from you. We’ll let you know up front how much we can pay you and you decide if that is a fair deal or not. If it is, we can get you your money fast – often the same day – and we even take care of getting it out of your way. No shipping or towing fees to eat into your stash of cash. Plus, we don’t mind how you spend your profits. Buy another car, go on holiday, pay off credit cards, anything you like…it’s your money!

Recently Sold Vehicles

We’ve helped hundreds of clients make the most from their vehicles; instant on-the- spot cash, no matter what state – new, used, damaged or junk – the vehicle happens to be in.

Why Us?

Get Cash 4 Cars is a company that pays cash for used cards, newer cars, and junk cars. We buy cars, trucks, Suv, vans, old cars, newer cars, junk cars, and clunkers. We pay top dollar for these cars and we pay the same day. Contact us if you want to know how much money you can get for your car.

Today's Jamul, California City Snapshot

Rancho Jamul was a 8,926-acre (36.12 km2) Mexican land succeed to in present-day San Diego County, California answer in 1829 by Mexican Governor José María de Echeandía to Pío Pico. In 1831 Governor Manuel Victoria reconfirmed the enter upon to Pío Pico. The grant Elongated from present day Jamul southeast to Dulzura.

Pío Pico was solution a provisional inherit of one square league Governor Victoria in 1831. His brother, Andrés Pico, ran the rancho from 1836 to 1838. In 1837 the rancho was attacked by Indians, and the rancho abandoned.

In 1851, Pico’s brother-in-law, John Forster, claiming to be acting as Pico’s agent, sold Rancho Jamul to Bonifacio Lopez, Philip Crosthwaite (Lopez son-in-law), Richard Rust, and William E. Rust. However, it does not appear that whatever was ever the end in play of the contract by anyone. But this was the cause latter of extensive litigation vis-а-vis ownership of Rancho Jamul.

With the cession of California to the United States when the Mexican-American War, the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo provided that the land grants would be honored. As required by the Land Act of 1851, a claim for two square leagues by Pío Pico for Rancho Jamul was filed in the tune of the Public Land Commission in 1852, but was rejected in 1855 upon the grounds of insufficient documentation of the grant. Pico claimed his papers were lost in an Indian attack upon the Rancho.

While stationed in San Diego, Captain Henry Stanton Burton (–1869) of the First Regiment of New York Volunteers and his new wife, María Amparo Ruiz (1833 –1895), occupied Rancho Jamul in 1854. According to an affidavit made by María Burton and filed in the United States district court in 1880, Burton purchased the interests of Lopez and Crosthwaite in 1853; and the interests of Richard and William E. Rust in 1854.

In 1867, nearly twelve years after the affirmation had been rejected, an tell was entered in the United States district court on behalf of General Burton. In 1870, María Burton established for Pío Pico to decide that he had sold whatever his immersion to Burton. In 1875, Nellie Burton, a daughter of Henry Stanton Burton and María Burton, married Miguél de Pedrorena (1844–1882). In 1876, the inherit for Rancho Jamul was patented to the heirs of Henry S. Burton (María A. Burton, and her son, Henry H. Burton and daughter, Nellie Burton Pedrorena).

The rancho was used as collateral for mortgages, and numerous claims were filed adjacent to the estate and the litigation continued for years. The house of Henry S. Burton was not decided until 1891. The title misrepresented hands repeatedly.

María Burton and her son, Henry Burton, founded the Jamul Portland Cement Manufacturing Company in 1889 but went bankrupt in 1892.

In 1915, John D. Spreckels sold to Rancho Jamul to Louis J. Wilde.

Coordinates: 32°40′12″N 116°49′48″W / 32.670°N 116.830°W / 32.670; -116.830